Back on My Feet DIY Fundraising

Corporate Matching

Corporate matches are a great way to reach your fundraising goal faster!

  • First, identify a corporate match. Check if a company matches donations here.
  • Many companies use a third-party match system like Benevity or YourCause, where you can search for "Back on My Feet" as the charity recipient. Specify any Back on My Feet location here.
  • Make sure your name and race is included in the memo/notes section of the match, otherwise it is difficult to allocate the funds appropriately when they arrive to Back on My Feet.
  • Some platforms require you to make the donation and process the match through their site. If they do not require this, please make sure your donation goes to your personal fundraising page, and then submit for the match.
  • When you submit for the match, you should get a confirmation email or receipt from your employer saying the match has been approved.
  • Email the confirmation to, and we will add this amount to your fundraising page so your total is reflected appropriately!