2021 Back on My Feet Running Festival

2021 Back on My Feet Running Festival Awards & Results

We’re excited to announce our fundraising and participation awards for this year’s Running Festival. A special thank you to our Elite partner, HOKA ONE ONE, for supporting with amazing prizes!

  • Our Top Three FundRacers will be awarded with a pair of HOKA ONE ONE shoes and a Back on My Feet prize pack. Check out the Leaderboard to see who’s on top!

  • Three participants in each race distance (the 5k, 10k, 15k, 30k, and Full Distance Challenge) who submit their times will be chosen at random to receive a pair of HOKA ONE ONE shoes to thank them for their participation. Learn how to submit your time on our website.


Congratulations to our top three FundRacers, who just won a new pair of HOKA’s!

1st Place: Leslie Crowder - $11,101

2nd Place: Matt Kamenski - $6,945

3rd Place: Aneel Delawalla - $3,655


And Congratulations to the following participants who submitted their time and were randomly selected to win a new pair of HOKA’s!

5K Winners 10K Winners 15K Winners
Bryant Cunningham Merary Simeon Christine O'Connell
Caitlin Edwards Hilary Shirazi Angela Beatty
Mauricio Duque Rebecca Giacopelli Ashley Marcellus

30 Winners Full Distance Winners
Dwayne Brown Matt Accornero
Jun Tsuru Shyam Charan Gandlur
Mary Kluck Taylor Beach



Congratulations to our top five fastest single-distance submissions (all times in minutes):

5K 10K 15K 30K
Jacqueline Quinn (22m) Jake Kearney (40m) Gurinder Grewal (65.28m) Greg Billington (100.25m)
Jason MacLaughlin (22.25m) Jodi Buyyounouski (41m) Lindy McCall (67m) Jun Tsuru (110m)
Greg Douglass (23m) Andrew Strozinsky (43m) Ruth Rainero (73m) Shawnessy Dusseau (162m)
Patrick Wolfe (23.28m) M Allan (49m) Jonathan Goulet (80.35) Seth Frank (167m)
Eric Fisher (24m) Elizabeth York (51.64m) Mohammed Zamayar (86m) Hilary Shirazi (177m)


Thank you for running your miles and submitting your time.

Click here to see the full race results!

Email fundrace@backonmyfeet.org for questions or corrections.