2023 Back on My Feet Fitness Festival presented by Afiniti

Tracking your Activities for Fit Fest

How To Submit your Activities!
But first, a few notes:

  • We are using the honor system for our results. We are not requiring proof of your activities through any apps (Strava, Garmin, Nike+, etc.). All activities need to be tracked manually.
  • All activities should be tracked between September 16th-23th during the event window.
  • All activities must be recorded by Saturday, September 23th by midnight eastern to be eligible for prizes.
  • Enjoy the friendly competition and keep an eye on the leaderboard here!
  • We will be announcing our award winners on Monday, September 25th on our website.

Step 1: Click the ‘Record Your Activities’ button from the home page! This button will appear on Saturday, September 16th at 5AM when the festival goes live!

    Step 2: This button will take you to the previously hidden Activities page. Just click the square to get started!

    Step 3: Fill in all the details pertaining to what activity you completed in the fields as listed below. You can also upload a photo or video that will show on your participant page!

    Step 4: After hitting submit, you’ll have the option to share on social media and via email!

    Step 5: After sharing (if you want!), you’ll see the activity populate, and you can edit or delete that activity. You can also add an additional fitness activity.

    And the best part, your logged activities will then show up on the Leaderboard Page for all to see!

    That’s it! You’ve submitted your activities! Stay tuned to our website for winners to be announced on Monday, September 25th!

    Questions? Email fundrace@backonmyfeet.org and we will help!