2022 Back on My Feet Fitness Festival

What is the Back on My Feet Fitness Festival?

The Back on My Feet Fitness Festival (aka Fit Fest) is a hybrid fitness challenge with both in-person and virtual participation options. Over the course of the event week (September 17-24) we are encouraging participants to dedicate at least 60 minutes of activity to Back on My Feet. This can be completed all at once in one activity (ex. one 60-minute run), or broken up into multiple activities over the course of multiple days (ex. one 30-minute bike ride on 9/17, and two 15-minute walks on 9/18 & 9/19), and you will earn 1 point per minute of activity tracked (ex. 60 minutes = 60 points). Although we are encouraging a goal of 60 minutes of activity over the week, participants can (and are encouraged to!) go above and beyond that goal! Do what feels right to you! 

Where is Fit Fest? Or is this another virtual race?
It’s a hybrid event! We will have in-person, open to the public community circle ups in each of our 17 Back on My Feet cities to kick off the week-long event on Saturday, September 17th. Stay tuned to our website to learn more about these events! If you can’t make it to a circle up on 9/17, that’s ok! Participants are encouraged to participate regardless of their proximity to a Back on My Feet location and can participate from anywhere throughout the week.

What’s included in registration?
Each participant will be mailed a Fit Fest packet which will include a challenge bib, finish line, and special surprises from our partners, such as the first 300 people to register will receive an exclusive custom Back on My Feet Running Festival Buff gaiter!

Do I get a t-shirt?
All participants who raise or donate $100 and over will receive our exclusive event tech t-shirt in their mailed packet. Plus, those who go above and beyond $100 raised or donated will have access to our FundRacing Incentive program where you can earn awesome Back on My Feet branded gear!

Why should I participate in this challenge?
Fit Fest is Back on My Feet’s largest national fundraiser to further our mission to combat homelessness. Our program uses the power of community involvement and movement to combat homelessness every day, and we are excited to expand that to our supporters. In addition to the registration fee, all funds that participants raise will go directly to support individuals who are participating in our program and working toward self-sufficiency. Our success is measured not only by positive impacts to physical and mental health, but also by how many individuals obtain education, employment and housing. For more information on our program, please visit our website!

Can I get my company or running club involved?

Yes, please do! You can view our sponsorship opportunities on our website here. If your company might be interested in sponsoring or buying a bulk amount of entries, or if your running club is interested in setting up a team, contact Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, Marketing & Events Director, at mary.sullivan@backonmyfeet.org.

Ok I’m sold! How do I sign up?
Click here to register yourself or start your team!

Questions about Activities and Tracking? Read On!

Do I need a tracking device to participate? Do I need to provide proof that I did the activity?
No tracking device is needed to participate. We’re all about reaching finish lines here at Back on My Feet, and this challenge is based on the honor system, so we also are not requiring proof of completed activity!

What activities will count?
Running, Walking, Yoga, Cycling, Hiking, Swimming, and Meditation.

If I run instead of walk will I get more points?
No, all fitness activities will be weighed the same – 1 point per minute of activity logged.

When do I need to track all my activities by?
You can begin tracking activities on Saturday, September 17 at 12 AM and activity tracking will commence on Saturday, September 24 at 12 AM. You can log your activities throughout the week, or all at once!

How do I see where I rank on the Leaderboard?
Head to this page to see where you and your team rank!

What do I get if I track the most activities?
Prizes! Stay tuned to your email inbox and our website to hear the great prizes we’ll be awarding our teams and individuals with the most activity points AND the teams and individuals with the highest fundraising!

More Questions?

Contact Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, Marketing & Events Director, at mary.sullivan@backonmyfeet.org.