2023 Irish Life Dublin Marathon

Thinking About Joining the Team?

Read "the fine print" below to get an understanding of exactly what's expected of you as a FundRacer! This information is also included in the waiver in our registration process, but we've shortened it here!

    Fundraising FAQs

  • As a FundRacer, you will agree to collect a minimum fundraising amount for the benefit of Back on My Feet. 
  • If for some reason you are unable to participate in the selected race, your commitment to fundraising the minimum amount still exists and must be fulfilled by the fundraising deadline.
  • Deadlines for fundraising minimums are typically set for Monday before race day. If fundraising goals are not met, Back on My Feet will charge the remaining balance to the credit card authorized during the registration process. We want you to reach your goals! We will work with you and support you in reaching them! We will always contact you before charging your credit card.
  • The fundraising deadline for the 2023 Irish Life Dublin Marathon is Monday, October 23st, 2023. 

Registering with the Race

  • Officially registering with the race is separate from any Back on My Feet required paperwork or fundraising pages. We will assist you in the registration process, but please be aware of any direct communication from the race.
  • Charity race entries cannot be cancelled or deferred to an upcoming year, as many races have strict cancellation and deferral policies we must adhere to. Your fundraising minimum is still due by the date specified during registration. Unfortunately, yes, even if you are injured. 
  • Race participants are responsible for paying any race-related registration fees unless otherwise noted. When accepted and registered with Back on My Feet, participants will be required to pay a $25 registration fee that will also go towards the allotted fundraising minimum.

Other Things to Know

  • Back on My Feet does not cover travel expenses to and from the selected race. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the FundRacer.
  • By running or participating in events with Back on My Feet, you consent to Back on My Feet using your name and any media taken before, during, or after the event for advertising or promotional purposes.
All of these policies are in place because we make an investment in resources to become a charity partner with a primary goal of supporting our program nationwide. We count on this crucial revenue to move our members and mission forward and are very grateful to every single person willing to lace up and meet the challenge with us. Thank you for your support!